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Currently, chronic diseases are the global leading causes of death and disability, not only claim 1.6 million lives of Americans annually and 16 million lives globally every year but also causes insurmountable suffering for those who live in chronic conditions and face constant risks of complications. Moreover, the number of deaths caused by chronic illnesses is projected to increase by 17% in the next 10 years. Current medical treatment often does not cure the root causes of the diseases and also most of the cases are very invasive. However, this does not have to be the case. Major causes and risk factors of chronic diseases are well known and established and tackling chronic diseases at the root gives us 100% chance of preventing and eliminating virtually all of them. Our mission is to give Ainume this precise ability to prescribe nutraceuticals as the true curing solution and prevention to eliminate all chronic diseases. Ainume believes that chronic diseases can be treated much more efficiently and with much less side effects using nutraceuticals rather than pharmaceutical drugs. Death is inevitable for all of us but it does not have to be so painful and undignified. Ainume takes the responsibility to emancipate humankind from the suffering caused by diseases and to restore human dignity.


Firmly set in our mission, we strive to become a catalyst of transformative vision and innovative solution that help creating a healthier world at a molecular level. We seek to serve the betterment of global health and wellness.



·       INNOVATION: We are engaged in advancing and translating innovative ideas and new research data into realistic solutions to solve problems.


·       COMPASSION: First and foremost, love, sympathy and care for humanity are what move us to take on this mission of providing aides and solutions for those who are in need.


·       LEADERSHIP: We strive to become the leader in Artificial Intelligence, Nutraceutical solutions, and personalized healthcare revolution. The creation and development of a human-aware Artificial Intelligence system that possesses characteristics of human thinking as an empathic healthcare agent is our ultimate goal.


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