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Ainume is a Natural Language Processing Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Platform that provides nutraceutical solutions (as food menus) to cure many illnesses and chronic diseases. Our team’s mission is to give Ainume the ability to prescribe nutraceuticals as the true curing solution and prevention to eliminate all illness and diseases, thereby, emancipating humankind from the suffering caused by diseases.

To achieve this vision, Ainume is created to be the only Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence Nutraceutical Platform for true cure and prevention of chronic diseases. Our plan is to be integrated into:

Large business where meals are being served to people, majority of them having at least one chronic condition such as:
·       Nursing Homes
·       Large Hospitals
·       Rehabilitation Center
·       Large Corporations
·       School Systems

General public for individuals who would like to optimize meal plans to optimize their health and wellness

And iOT devices such as
·       Smart Home Systems like Alexa of Amazon, Siri of Apple, Google Assistant of Google, or Bixby of Samsung
·       Wearable Technology like the Apple watch or Fitbit
·       And last but not least, Chatbot as virtual health agent

We recognize that this is a big space where AI and healthcare come together and we are excited to take on the challenge. We strive to become the leader in Artificial Intelligence, Nutraceutical solutions, and personalized healthcare revolution. The creation and development of a human-aware Artificial Intelligence system that possesses characteristics of human thinking as an empathic healthcare agent is our ultimate goal. Ainume’s is aligned with all the market drivers such as:

·       Disease management solution, nutraceutical solution, and lifestyle management solutions serves the increasing prevalence and awareness regarding the fatality of chronic diseases and growing demand to reduce the increasing healthcare costs.
·       Educational and consulting solution serves the growing number of cross-industry partnerships and collaborations and the rise in the support provided by the governments for the adoption of technologies in healthcare management.
·       Human-aware virtual assistant serves the increasing levels of integration of digitalization in healthcare systems and solves the increasing imbalance between the healthcare workforce and patients.
·       There is still plenty more space for competitors and new technologies to emerge.

·       Our AI-based solutions are low cost and minimal side effect solutions and can offer convenience to doctors as well as better care for patients.
·       We provide multidisciplinary care from diet to exercise to sleep while also provide care for psychological and emotional needs which keep the patient engagement level high and productive.
·       We tackle the root causes of all diseases thereby aim to eliminate virtually all chronic diseases
·       What really distinguishes us from our competitors is our ability to make Ainume a human-aware Artificial Intelligence system, characteristics of human thinking and interaction.

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